Published by Kevin Chong @ 15/10/2020

"Aku Bukan Gila" movie poster

The recently launched WeTV iflix’s film, “Aku Bukan Gila”, starring Fasha Sandha, Beto Kusyairy, and Wanna Ali, follows a story of the obstacles faced by Andra during her journey to a small town in Wales. Andra, played by Fasha Sandha, travels to the beautiful country of Wales in search of serenity and for a temporary escape from all her problems. Upon arriving, Andra stumbles upon another fellow Malaysian (Andre) who offers her a ride to town. Unaware of his background, she mistook Andre’s genuine intentions for the worst and offends him by calling him ugly.

Andre (Left), offering Andra (Right) a lift

Rahila Ali, Movie Director

As audiences learn of Andre’s quick temper (played by Beto Kusyairy), it becomes clear that he is a person that is sincere and earnest in everything he does. Although they were off to a rough start, the two main characters found themselves becoming friends. Andre, who has been staying in Wales for 10 years, takes Andra on a tour to the most breathtaking places in the country. Throughout the movie, many conflicts arose because of the differences in personalities of the two characters; Andre being an impulsive and hotheaded person, does not understand why Andra is super joyous and happy all the time. The story goes on, constantly arousing the curiosity of the audience on what led to these character’s behaviors.  

Beto Kusyairy's flawless acting skills

The Producer, Pencil Pictures & Records, and the Film Director, Rahila Ali, deserves the highest commendation for their outstanding performance in the production of this film. The shots of the mountains, countryside, rivers, and attractions are truly awe-inspiring, and it showcases the country gorgeously. There is no doubt that Pencil Pictures & Records has cast the perfect actors for this movie. Beto Kusyairy played his role flawlessly, making it seem effortless to put on an angry face throughout the entire film.

AK (Aik Kuang Heng), Country Manager of WeTV iflix Malaysia.

“We are incredibly grateful to be the platform that brings the heartwarming story of ‘Aku Bukan Gila’ to Malaysians, who will no doubt be touched by the film’s message of self-love”, said Aik Kuang Heng, Country Manager of WeTV iflix Malaysia.

Miss Petite Universe Malaysia 2020 - Destiny Chloe & Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA

WeTV iflix seeks to continue supporting local talent and be the premium platform to distribute high-quality homegrown content. Watch “Aku Bukan Gila” right now for free, streaming exclusively on WeTV iflix at, or on its app available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Official Launch of 'Aku Bukan Gila'