Published by Kevin Chong @ 22/10/2020

Chef Anis Nabilah (Right) celebrating the launch of her new cookbook

The first Malaysian chef to have her cooking show on the Asian Food Channel, Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah, is well-known both locally and internationally for her show Icip Icip where she traveled the world in search of new flavors and inspiration for her gastronomic dishes. Chef Anis has now released her cookbook together with Thermomix® called ‘Comfort Food for Thermomix® by Chef Anis Nabilah’. The cookbook contains 25 specially curated recipes for modern food enthusiasts with the aim of making Malaysian food accessible to everyone.

Murtabak Lasagna

"This book is very special to me, as it's a compilation of all my favorite dishes, made effortless thanks to Thermomix®. Some of my favorite dishes and must-try's includes the Murtabak Lasagna, Ayam Rose, Saffron Mussel soup, Spiced Vegan Pumpkin Cauliflower Soup, Beef Rib Rendang, Jackfruit Prawn Gulai, Lamb Stew with Sweet Potato and Dates, and definitely the Honey Cheesecake and Roasted Strawberry Trifle,” said Chef Anis.

The Thermomix®

Thermomix® is an all-in-one super kitchen machine that allows for reduced preparation time and effort, as it can cook, weigh, chop, purée, knead, steam, and even self-clean. It is equipped with 22 functions, including self-stirring and cooking at a precisely controlled time, temperature, and speed. It is equipped with the world’s largest online award-winning recipe platform – Cookidoo®, giving users access to over 60,000 guided recipes from around the world.

The cookbook, ‘Comfort Food for Thermomix® by Chef Anis Nabilah’ is available at the Thermomix® Online Store at thermomix.com.my/store or from any Thermomix® Advisor at RM98 only, get your copy now.