Published by Kevin Chong @ 05/11/2020

Dragon Force Season 3

Hyper Dimension Entertainment, the producers of ‘Dragon Force’ has named Animasia Studio the sole global distributor of the animated series. The Malaysia Based kids’ entertainment specialist, Animasia Studio, will be responsible for the distribution, licensing, and merchandising for ‘Dragon Force’ outside China. Season 3 of Dragon Force will kick off in China, this fall.   

“We are very excited about the animation quality of Dragon Force Season 3: Monsters Rise (52ep x 13min), the show pushes 3D animated TV series towards another benchmark. I can also see strong potential with Dragon Force Season 3 for the premium digital video platforms who are looking for exclusive global premiere rights,” said Raye Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Animasia Studio.

Dragon Force is a sci-fi action and comedy series that highlights universal values of friendship, self-reliance, sacrifice, and heroism. The animated series showcases the adventures and battles of the protagonist, Lucas, who grows up a little hero who combats legendary ancient Chinese Mech-monsters in season 3. Under the guidance of the Dragon Force, Lucas bravely faces these monsters and challenges as the audiences watch him grow up throughout the seasons. All 26 monsters in the new season are based on the ancient Chinese book ‘Shan Hai Jing’ also known as ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’.

Since its release in China, Dragon Force quickly became one of the top-performing animated kids shows on both broadcast TV and streaming platforms. As of now, Animasia has already secured multiple TV sales for Dragon Force Season 1 & Season 2 with RTV (Indonesia), Mediacorp Suria (Singapore), and will be made available on the top kids’ channels in Israel and the Middle East (planned for 2021).