Published by Kevin Chong @ 07/12/2020

Impact Malaysia intends to inspire youths to become the 'changemakers' in their local communities through their social initiative, 2020in3. Themed "Together We Can Create Impact," 2020in3 is a 3-minute short video competition for youths in Malaysia to share their experiences in performing good deeds for their communities.

"Great stories can tell people what you have seen and how you felt so that others can understand you. The challenge is to present all that in just 3 minutes. A meaningful story delivers a clear message and inspires the audience to take action," said Junaidi al-Johary Jamil, Senior Executive, Projects and Outreach, Youth Development - project manager for the competition.

The 2020in3 Short Video Competition is available for all Malaysian youths aged 16 to 35. Interested participants are required to choose from three given categories - Environment, Social, and Economics. With careful assessment, three winners will be selected from each category based on three elements, which are storytelling/messaging (50%), video shooting skills (25%), and editing skills (25%). The duration of the video must not exceed 3 minutes, and participants are required to submit their entry form together with the video before noon on 20 December. 2020in3 is held in conjunction with KITA eFest, a community event organized by Spacerubix to celebrate togetherness of the community.

"Regardless of the current situation of COVID-19, this year, we will continue to deliver community event vibes and excitement similar to last year, through KITA eFest's virtual platforms," said Ahmed Faris Amir, CEO of Impact Integrated.

For further information, kindly visit and Facebook/Twitter at @impactdotmy, or Instagram at @impactmsia.