Published by Kevin Chong @ 17/12/2020

A virtual talk in regards to MATRADE's support initiatives for SMEs was hosted by the International Strategic Institute (ISI), a non-profit organization that functions as a super connector between government and business leaders across Asia, promoting universal values, equal societies and sustainable development recently on 17th December 2020. Stepping in as a speaker was MATRADE Senior Manager of the SME Export Development (x-SEED), Shah Nizam Ahmad, who delivered a comprehensive presentation that highlights the grants, their maximum allocation, and eligibility. 

Dato' Dr Gavin Voon, President of ISI; Shah Nizam Ahmad, Senior Manager of SME Export Development of MATRADE; Ho Mun Kit, Finance Director of ISI

Shah Nizam Ahmad shared that because of the pandemic, MATRADE has expanded the Market Development Grant (MDG) to be applicable for virtual shows that perform international trading. Despite all the subsidies and grants that are made available to the public, Shah Nizam Ahmad claims that there are very few applicants. He believes that business owners are intimidated by the complex processes of obtaining these grants, but it is much easier than one might think. 

Shah Nizam Ahmad, Senior Manager of SME Export Development of MATRADE

He went on to explain how seamless of a process it is to apply for grants as it only requires the documents to be submitted online, for review and approval from MATRADE. The process is easy, and applicants are only required to make an appearance with MATRADE when applying for the Services Export Fund (SEF). Shah Nizam Ahmad welcomes all businesses, especially ones that are involved in international trading, to be a MATRADE member, and enjoy all the facilities they provide, because it is free to all Malaysians.

Delegates & Participations of ISI Virtual Talk with Guest of Honor, Shah Nizam Ahmad, Senior Manager of SME Export Development of MATRADE

Shah Nizam Ahmad, said, "I wish to invite all SME business owners to leverage on the grants that MATRADE has to offer. Market Development Grant (MDG) offers financial assistance to partly defray the cost of export promotion by SMEs and we now extend this incentive for participation in local & international virtual trade fairs. Eligible companies will be able to obtain a grant of up to RM 5K and RM 25K for local and overseas trade fairs respectively, covering Participation Fees, Administration Fees, Virtual Booth/Stand, Marketing Blast, Digital Marketing Tools, Exhibitor Passes and Booth Analytics.”

Market Development Grant for Virtual Trade Fairs

Dato' Dr. Gavin Voon, President of International Strategic Institute (ISI) added, "We are previleged to help SMEs during this difficult time that we are all enduring. By educating business owners on applicable grants, such as MDG and SEF, they can foresee their businesses to head over to international standards. Don't forget that each eligible Malaysian SMEs are eligible to apply these reimbursable grants on various trade fair expenses with a maximum of RM 300,000 per company."

International Strategic Institute (ISI)

In the mean time, Ho Mun Kit, Finance Director of ISI applauded MATRADE for the extension of financial compensation for non-refundable participation fees, airfare and accommodations based on postponed or cancelled trade fairs, expense components not exceeding RM 25K per event."

Financial Compensation for Postponed & Cancelled Trade Fairs

Among the attendees of the virtual press conference were Prof Dato' Sri Dr. Johnny Chai, Centennial Charter President of Lions Club Putrajaya Royale Chapter, Dato' Dr. Gavin Voon, President of ISI; Ho Mun Kit, CFO of ISI; Joeanne Ooi, Charter President of Rotary Club of Kepong Kuala Lumpur; William See, President of JCIKLM; Tan Jia Xiang, Secretary-General of JCIKLM; Alice Hoo, Marketing Director of M&M Prestige Sdn Bhd; Pang Kang Hong, Head of Tax Divisions of Eurogain, Yeap CK, ISI Lecturer, amongst others.