Published by Kevin Chong @ 11/01/2021

Pop front counter

Pop The Arcade is the new evolvement of what was previously known as Pop by Jaya One, to help homegrown entrepreneurs grow their businesses, especially during the pandemic. The retail store is reimagined as a shopping arcade concept that forms a complex of individual shops representing each vendor with interconnected walkways, similar to ones in the UK, Europe, and Japan. Pop has now diversified its services to allow vendors to sell online as well as offline – compared to the previous offering of selling only in a physical space.

Accessories & keychains

Pop is a one-stop shopping haven with a multitude of unique, local, and handmade products in conjunction with the celebration of a new year. It comprises more than 40 vendors selling fashion clothing, fine jewelry, beauty accessories, functional & lifestyle bags, hobby & pet items, independent food retailers, plants, yoga wear & gears, home appliances, beds and mattresses, personal care products, and unique gifts. Their mix of vendors as smaller stores adds a sense of novelty to the retail offering while providing customers with a sense of the unexpected that gives them a reason to treasure hunt for artisanal goods.

Fashion zone

Charles Wong, Executive Director of Pop The Arcade, said, “Pop is reimagined to a shopping arcade concept to stay relevant as the heart and soul of the start-up community, the foundation of retail economies, and a leisure sanctuary for shoppers everywhere. Taking in the effects of the pandemic, we need to find ways to attract and engage consumers through their decision journeys. We strongly hope that our new concept store can provide a good customer journey and delightful shopping experience for all visitors no matter what goods you’re looking for.”

Local brands looking to expand their business can approach Pop at popstars@jayaone.com.my for collaborations. For more information, visit https://popshop.my/