Published by Kevin Chong @ 19/01/2021

Swee Bee by Baker Dave's Chinese New Year Treats

With Chinese New Year around the corner, Swee Bee Cafe by Baker Dave has prepared tasty treats and hampers, which would make a perfect gift for all during this festive season. As it turns out, the cafe was named after his mother, Swee Bee, as she was a great inspiration to him and played a big part in his life. The recipe for the famous pineapple tarts at Swee Bee Cafe belongs to his mother. Growing up, David Wong (Baker Dave) always helped his mother in the kitchen as she prepared these traditional tarts, and has acquired and perfected the techniques and recipe of his mother's pineapple tarts throughout the years. 

Swee Bee Peanut Cookies

Swee Bee's pineapple tarts are made with Danish Butter and real pineapple fruit chunks that are exceptionally unique and delightful. Immediately upon biting into it, it becomes clear that special care was given to preparing these tarts and was made with utmost perfection. The pastry is perfectly flaky and buttery to contrast the balance of sweetness and natural flavors from the pineapple filling. The pineapple tarts are shaped in squares to symbolize wealth and stability in Chinese traditions, embedded with a Chinese character stating "fortune" on the surface.

Chinese Sesame Peanut Brittles

Besides the pineapple tarts - Peanut Cookies, Espresso Almond Cookies, and also Chinese Sesame Peanut Brittles are available for purchase at the Swee Bee Cafe. The Sesame Peanut Brittles are very satisfying and crunchy, making it near impossible to stop snacking on them. The Peanut Cookies and Espresso Almond Cookies are super addictive and definitely worth a try this Chinese New Year. Kindly visit Swee Bee Cafe’s Facebook page at for more information.

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