Published by Kevin Chong @ 26/01/2021

Dato’ Dr. Edmund Lee, Chief Executive Clinician of Sunfeet International Rehab Centre examining Serene Claire, Malaysian actress/artiste

Widely known for being the second runner-up of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2020, Malaysian actress/artiste - Serene Claire, visited Sunfeet International Rehab Centre (Sunfeet) to better understand if the back pain she is experiencing is caused by flatfoot. Flatfoot is a postural deformity that occurs when the arch supporting the feet is not developed, causing the entire sole of the feet to be in complete contact with the ground. The arch in the leg acts as a shock absorber, and the absence of it will result in a lot of strain in the knees and back. Although flatfoot can be hereditary, wearing improper shoes or injuries can be a contributing factor to the postural deformity.

Sunfeet International Rehab Centre

Serene Claire, Malaysian actress/artiste

Dato’ Dr. Edmund Lee, Orthotist and Prosthetist Specialist at Sunfeet International Rehab Centre, had the privilege to examine Serene’s foot health and tend to any queries that she had. Dato’ Dr. Edmund mentioned that over the years, there had been a lot of speculation and debate on whether the spine causes issues on the feet or vice versa; however, all perspectives bring it back to the foundation - if the foundation is not correct, it can result in many complications to the back and spine.

Dato’ Dr. Edmund Lee, Chief Executive Clinician of Sunfeet International Rehab Centre

Sunfeet does the opposite of the top-to-bottom approach; they perform examinations from the bottom up to avoid any unnecessary costs for clients. The initial test will begin with a foot alignment check to determine the issue before progressing further. Dato’ Dr. Edmund mentioned that many Malaysians are not aware of flatfoot and usually wait until the last minute to do anything about it. He goes on to say that flatfoot can be corrected at the “golden age” between ages 7-12. In adulthood, flatfoot cannot be corrected; however, orthotists can prevent it from getting worse. Dato’ Dr. Edmund advises parents to get a foot alignment check for their children as early as 2 years old, given that flatfoot only gets more severe over time.

Types of foot problems

Serene raised the question, “can being quarantined at home lead to flatfoot and other foot deformities especially during MCO 2.0?” To which Dato’ Dr. Edmund responded saying, “Being quarantined at home can certainly cause some foot problems because of the inactivity of the foot muscles, which can lead to heel and foot pain.”

Foot exercise, therapy, and recovery area

He goes on to explain that although some store-bought shoes and sandals can be suitable for some flatfoot-ers, it can also lead to back and ankle pain to others suffering from flatfoot because it does not fit their requirements. Similar to being prescribed with a pair of glasses, the shoes should be prescribed specifically to a person. At Sunfeet, Orthotic specialists are able to perform a foot alignment check and prescribe a proper orthotics insole to prevent further injuries and stress on the patient’s feet, and a pair of healthy orthotic shoes that are suitable for flatfoot patients which are carefully selected by a team of experienced orthotists.

Healthy orthotic shoe

A package consisting of a consultation with an Orthotists, foot alignment check, foot exercise monitoring, and analysis report would usually cost around RM250 – RM300. During the MCO 2.0 period, Sunfeet is offering a special promotion that only costs RM38 for the full inspection package, which covers all the above. These inspections are accurate to up to 99% and can seamlessly determine if the foot is the cause of the patient's back and knee pain. Sunfeet, located at Seksyen 19 Petaling Jaya, remain open as an essential service during MCO 2.0 from Monday-Saturday (10 am-5 pm). Visit https://www.facebook.com/sunfeetinternational for further information.

Range of healthy orthotic shoes available at Sunfeet International Rehab Centre

Foot alignment check