AJTF 2015 Day 2 Focuses on Export Ready Contents

Published by Ibnu Mohamed @ 11/09/2015

Animation: Icon & Sustainability

Day two of the ASEAN-Japan Television Festival 2015 (AJTF) highlighted two core genres that has been the main focus of co-production among ASEAN countries and Japan namely ‘Animation: Icon & Sustainability’ and ‘Drama Content to Cross Borders.’

The ‘Animation: Icon & Sustainability’ session gave an overview from the Japanese animation industry upon the stability and relevancy of an animation icon over the years. This session focused on how to share the best practise of character creation, merchandising and the secrets of their icon’s longevity among TV production houses in ASEAN and Japan.

“One of the secrets to get your characters out there is to share them. I don’t mind if people share the Upin & Upin videos, in fact I encourage them to do so unlike certain entities that will not allow their IPs to be distributed so freely. This way, I can get worldwide distribution and monetise at the same time,” said Karyabudi Mohd Aris, International Marketing Manager, Les’ Copaque Production Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Among the other participated speakers include Nukiyama Junko and Andi Martin Surjana (ASEAN Content Network), Kanji Kazahaya (Office Kanji Kazahaya Japan), and Norman Abdul Halim (KRU Studios Sdn Bhd).

Happening at the same time was ‘Drama Content to Cross Border’ session. As the most popular genre in every country, TV dramas in some countries are more successful than others in marketing their dramas abroad. Hence, this session highlighted on how dramas can cross borders, syndicated around the world, adapted to suit local tastes and how do we produce a drama for specific needs.

As Lina Tan, Managing Director of Red Communications reiterated, “In creating export ready contents, you need to understand others’ unique culture. Then everything will fall into places.”

Other speakers who shared their industry experience during this session were Dr. Jessada Salathong (Springnews Thailand), Harry Noor Sukarna (MCIT Indonesia), Shinichi Mishiro (Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings Ltd Japan), and Khairul Anuar Salleh (Vice President of Malay Business ASTRO Malaysia).

Apart from the two core topics, the festival also emphasised on media convergence as it has proven to be beneficial for broadcasters, not only for better engagement with audience but for new type of TV programs.

Drama Content to Cross Borders