GOASEAN Launches Mobile App and Online Travel Booking System

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 17/11/2015

The world’s first ASEAN travel initiative, GOASEAN has elevated itself by launching a mobile application and an online booking system ‘LetsGoNow’ at the ‘GOASEAN Upfronts 2016’ held at Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club on 13th November 2015.

The new initiatives aimed to drive connectivity and convenience to the users while offering them viewing-on-the-go and efficiency in making travel arrangements. The mobile app, which can be downloaded for free for Android and Apple smartphone users, offers access to GOASEAN television content to be streamed on users’ portable devices. Moreover, it allows users from anywhere in the world to enjoy travel-related TV programmes anytime anywhere once it is downloaded.

In addition, the ‘LetsGoNow’ online travel booking system is a GOASEAN proprietary booking system that easily allows users to book flights, hotels, airport transfers and in the future, tours throughout the ASEAN region. Travellers and tourists will be able to plan and optimise their time and budget, adding more value to their overall ASEAN travelling needs and experience.

“Trusted content is crucial given that there is overwhelming information on the internet.  Media brands like GOASEAN are in the unique position to inspire and encourage action from an established audience through online tools such as the travel booking system,” said YB Datuk Seri Panglima Salleh Said Keruak, Minister of Communications and Multimedia who launched the initiatives.

What's more, GOASEAN unveiled a range of Malaysian-produced ground-breaking and original concept travel programmes from genres including food, leisure pursuits, sports, comedies and even horror, to be aired in 2016.

Aspiring globe-trotters can now get a sneak peek of the sensational new pilot programmes instantly on www.goasean.com/upfronts

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