6th Short Shorts Inspires Budding Filmmakers

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 30/11/2015

Yasu & Bea Tanaka from 42nd Pictures

Malaysian film production studio, 42nd Pictures hosted the 6th Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFFA) recently to educate and inspire local budding filmmakers through the screening of award-winning international short films, at the FINAS Content Malaysia Pitching Centre.

As the only curator of the SSFFA in Malaysia, 42nd Pictures was committed to bring the festival again this year, despite producing it independently as the event represented an educational platform to the next generation of budding filmmakers.

“We hope this event will inspire budding filmmakers and encourage them to submit their short films to the festival in Japan. The SSFFA also provides an ideal platform for them to catch high-quality short films, as opposed to attending the costly film festivals. ” said Bea Tanaka, Managing Director of 42nd Pictures.

The one-day event also included a short seminar titled ‘Visual Storytelling for Short Film’ by Yasu Tanaka, the Managing Director of 42nd Pictures. The session explained the importance of visual arts in short film and that it has contributed to the success of ‘Cloudy Children’ from Iran which bagged the SSFF and Asia 2015 Grand Prix award along with other numerous awards.

This year, 12 films were selected for the Malaysian audience from hundreds of entries, such as Help Point (UK), Cloudy Children (Iran), Kerama Blue (Japan), The Gold Watch (Sweden) and others. Speaking of the selection, Bea Tanaka revealed that they took censorship into consideration but the selected films were nothing short of excellent.

Hailed from Japan, the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFFA) is also a qualifying film festival for the annual Academy Awards and one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals.