GoASEAN Presents Trail Blazing Travel Show at ATF 2015

Published by Anuar Mat Saat @ 03/12/2015

GoASEAN's representative at the Malaysian Pavilion

GoASEAN, the world’s first ASEAN-centric multi-platform travel channel, will present its new range of Malaysian-produced and original concept travel programmes that promote leisure destinations in Southeast Asia at the renowned Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) in Singapore.  This is the first time GOASEAN will be premiering its original content at ATF since its broadcast launch in Malaysia and Brunei in June this year.

The company aims to tap into the demand for travel entertainment by globe-trotters through its fresh content, and are confident of gaining the interest of content buyers and sellers that congregate at the celebrated ATF. The new shows had already garnered strong interests from distributors, content and channel providers during other international trade shows.

GOASEAN also recently showcased the new programmes at its inaugural Upfronts 2016 in Malaysia, receiving favourable feedbacks from the media and guests. The company recently introduced its mobile application for programme streaming and online travel booking system LetsGoNow, that make GOASEAN a truly multi-platform enterprise that drives tourism in ASEAN.

The new programmes that will be presented at ATF feature travel-related genres such as food, leisure pursuits, sports, comedies and the strange and paranormal. These must-see new shows will be aired on the GOASEAN channel next year. The company said that more new programmes are already being produced and are in the pipeline to be released in 2016.

Since its launch in the middle of this year, GOASEAN had proven itself very quickly to be a fast-expanding channel in its efforts to build interest on ASEAN as a single tourism destination. GOASEAN.com has earned international recognition by winning numerous awards since its launch.  The travel channel won both the Gold and Silver awards respectively for Best Travel and Best Tourism website by the prestigious New York based W3 Awards 2015 which recognises digital communications excellence. GOASEAN.com also won the Best Asia Pacific Destination Website and the Best Tourism Website by TravelMole Asia Pacific Web Awards 2015 and Davey Awards 2015 respectively.  The site was also recently awarded Best in Class for Travel or Tourism category by the Interactive Media Awards; and voted as the ‘Best Website of the Month’ for August 2015 by Malaysia Website Awards.