Kurechii’s ‘Tiny Guardians’ to Debut on Steam

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 09/12/2015

Malaysia’s indie game studio, Kurechii’s latest game ‘Tiny Guardians’ — a tower defence game with a twist, will be making its way to the desktop for the first time since its release. Steam Greenlight will serve as the first step for Tiny Guardians to reach out to players beyond mobile devices, and the game will be posted to the platform on 15th December 2015​.

After being featured on App Store and Google Play’s Best New Games section, other collections and winning numerous awards, the unique strategy game is taking its next big step by debuting on the ultimate entertainment platform. Steam is a web digital distribution platform that offers digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer, and social networking to gamers. Steam Greenlight is a system that allows developers and publishers to pitch their games to the Steam community in order to get selected for distribution.

The Steam version will also include the major update that will be made available to all mobile players in January 2016. The update includes new maps, boss fights—and an Endless Mode for players who want to test their limits. Moreover, the new game will feature various unit classes to allow for diverse strategies, allowing an exceptional gaming experience for the players to embark on an epic adventure.

Among the updates including over 40 diverse enemy types, with different strategies to defeat them; exciting and unique boss fights and special events in certain levels; each level has a Story and Challenge Mode; and gorgeously illustrated cards to summon guardians, among others. Similar to the mobile platform, the desktop version will also be a paid game which will include all the new content in their upcoming major mobile update.

Lydia Ho, Creative Director of Kurechii said, “The reason we wanted to make Tiny Guardians available on Steam is to reach out to more players such as those who prefer to play on the desktop rather than the mobile. The team has worked for more than a month to make this version suitable to be played on the desktop, with proper adaptation to mouse behaviours, not just a quick port from mobile.”

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