Tiny Guardians from Kurechii finally made it’s way to the desktop!

Published by Ibnu Mohamed @ 16/12/2015

Kurechii’s latest game, Tiny Guardians, is making it’s way to the desktop for the first time since it’s release!

After being awarded and being featured on App Store and Google Play’s Best New Games section, the refreshing strategy game takes it’s next big  step and reaches out towards desktop players through Steam Greenlight!

This Steam version includes the major update that will be made available to all mobile players in January 2016. Players can look foward to new maps, boss fights, and an Endless Mode for players who want to test their limits.

As the status of the game’s release through Greenlight depends on the community’s feedback, Kurechii is reaching out to new and old players alike to vote for Tiny Guardians.

Tiny Guardians is an epic adventures game where you can summon unique gurdians to defend Lunalie against waves of enemies as she journeys through Prism!

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