Ace Edventure Studio is Launching World’s First Chemistry RPG Game

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 20/01/2016

Malaysia’s Ace Edventure Studio will be launching, ChemCaper – the first Role-Playing Game (RPG) in the world to bridge education and mainstream gaming in March 2016.

‘ChemCaper: Act I - Petticles in Peril’ will be launched on both iOS and Android platform. It is the innovation of a group of teachers who felt they needed new channels to engage their students more effectively. The project started small and has now grown to 11 designers of narrative, concept art and game. The studio now collaborates with Artoncode Indonesia, as their programming team who helped brings the game to life.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the game, Vincent Xu, Director of Ace Edventure Studio said, “There are several things that inspire the game such as how far behind education in this day and age of engaging media, getting students as excited about Chemistry as our teachers are, and making Chemistry, one of the toughest high school subjects to learn, a whole lot of fun!.” “And then there is the 'who' the inspiration behind the game, really. Starting out with a casual conversation in 2012 between Anne Tham (the founder) and her former student, Hao Jin the project has since grown, mostly involving active teachers in their day jobs,” he added.

Moreover, with the tagline of ‘Reinventing Education’, the studio hopes to impact the lives and learning of as many students as possible through ChemCaper. The game took three years to complete and everyone was involved thoroughly in building the story, world, races, lore, and environments from the ground up inspired by the Chemistry concepts.

Players will play as Roub Idyum, a young Moon Being from Reac Ta who has been sent on a dream quest to find Xenon – the Moon Being's missing deity. During this quest however, Reac Ta is struck by an unprecedented attack. His new priority is to find his way home to ensure his parents' safety and uncover Reac Ta's uncertain fate. Besides the main story line, the version also includes various mini games that subtly teach and familiarise players with the Chemistry topics.

The game is currently ready for Beta testing, and it will be marketed as a premium model with no in-app purchases. Currently, the studio has started their Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign, and they have received more than USD 25,000 so far.

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