Malaysian IP to Pull the Crowd at MAPS Perak

Published by Mila Ismail @ 27/02/2016

Darren McLean with Nizam Razak, CEO of Animonsta Studios at the BoBoiBoy: The Movie Pre-screening

BoBoiBoy, one of the most famous recent Malaysian IPs is set to pull the crowd at Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS), Perak as the theme park officially launches its pre-opening tickets sales at the My Dream Carnival today.

Poised as Asia’s first animation theme park, MAPS will feature over 40 rides in 6 themed zones with popular animated characters including Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Casper, The Smurfs, and more as well as local favourite, Animonsta Studios' BoBoiBoy.

“We wanted to have something that is popular in the region. BoBoiBoy is not only popular here in Malaysia, but it is also very well known in Indonesia, Philipines, Thailand, and it is broadcasted in over 40 countries. It will surely give MAPS a big pull especially in Southeast Asia,” said Darren McLean, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MAPS.

BoBoiBoy will have its own thematic zone at the Animation Square, namely The Home of BoBoiBoy. The zone features BoBoiBoy Hero Academy,  BoBoiBoy 4D Adventure, Tok Aba Kokotiam and more.

“We love Animonsta because it is a Malaysian home-grown team of young and dynamic creative people and it fits very well with our brand and culture. Hence, we plan to have a long-term partnership with the animation studio,” added McLean.

The theme park is expected to open in mid-2016.


One of BoBoiBoy Attractions at MAPS Perak. Source: MAPS Facebook

Representatives of MAPS Perak at BoboiBoy: The Movie Pre-Screening