MyDocs to Focus on Building a Strong Local Documentary Community

Published by Mila Ismail @ 11/03/2016

Harun Rahman, president of MyDocs

Malaysian Documentary Association (MyDocs), a non-profit association assisting in the development of the Malaysian documentary industry, reveals that they are currently focusing on building a strong documentary community in Malaysia that has the knowledge and capability of producing high quality documentaries for local and international audiences.

"Documentaries are universal, it can go anywhere, anytime," said Harun Rahman, President of MyDocs during his documentary workshop, titled ‘So you want to make a documentary? Now what?' held in Content Malaysia Pitching Centre, yesterday.

Harun, who is also known in the industry for producing award-wining documentaries like Rising Sun Over Malaya and Among the Great Apes with Michelle Yeoh, emphasises that unlike some film genres, documentaries are marketable all over the world, provided that it is of good quality.

He continued, "We are lucky to have a good support from FINAS, broadcasters, facilities, and even filmmakers. Now, what we need is more quality. Filmmakers need to open themselves to constructive criticism, to enable their documentaries to travel outside of Malaysia. Be critical about your work, if it is a good story, it will be successful."

Moreover, the association hopes that through creating a united network of likeminded professionals, they will be able to collectively develop the state of the documentary filmmaking industry in Malaysia as a whole.

MyDocs has recently partnered with FINAS and Crossing Borders Films (CBF), a non-profit educational film production company, to organise a year-long workshop for documentary film makers starting next year, to nurture budding documentary filmmakers.

Harun during his documentary workshop.