Mediasoft Entertainment to Launch Roll Spike, World's First Sepak Takraw Mobile Game

Published by Mila Ismail @ 15/03/2016

Malaysia's award winning games development studio, Mediasoft Entertainment will be coming up with Roll Spike, the world's first ever Sepak Takraw mobile game, soon.

The all-new mobile game, inspired by the Malaysia's traditional sport Sepak Takraw allows players to experience the spirit of the game through an intuitive touch D-Pad and button control system that enables them to flaunt their moves by international Sepak Takraw players.

Furthermore, Roll Spike allows players to play and unlock top virtual teams from Southeast Asia and travel around the world to different stadiums to play such as Malaysia, Thailand and Korea, with more being added in future updates.

Havene Liew, Managing Director of Mediasoft Entertainment commented, “I love sports games but the market is dominated by popular Western sports such as football, basketball and tennis. Therefore, we wanted to create a game that is not only fun to play with but reflect on our local culture too, and we hope that Roll Spike will not only be successful as a game, but will bring light on the sport as a whole."

Known by different names such as Sipa in Philippines or simply Takro in Thailand, the game is similar to volleyball – but instead of a regular ball, it uses a rattan ball and relies on players using their feet, knees and chest to play. The game is currently in soft launch in Belgium, Australia and Canada, and it will be released worldwide in April 2016.


Players will be able to flaunt moves by international Sepak Takraw players.

Roll Spike allow players to choose their own teams.