Malaysia Announces Content Partnerships Worth Over RM100 Million at HK Filmart 2016

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 16/03/2016

Malaysia’s top creative companies; Rhizophora Ventures, Asia Tropical Films, Film Kingdom Group, Paper Plane Image Studio, Evo Pictures and Animasia Studio announced their lucrative partnerships worth over RM100 Million combined at the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART), during the Malaysia Networking Reception held at the Malaysia Pavilion led by the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS).

Rhizophora Ventures (Malaysia) and The Imaginarium Studios (UK)

Rhizophora Ventures; a Malaysian-based company set up to invest into the creative and media sectors, will partner with a leading UK-based digital studio; The Imaginarium Studios, known for performance capture for international films, Star Wars: The Force Awakens to launch a performance capture studio in the Asia-Pacific region; The Imaginarium Studios Asia-Pacific. The studio’s expansion into Malaysia will form a second performance-capture hub on the site of the Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Johor, Malaysia, servicing the Asian and Australasian markets. Moreover, it will see the creation of new jobs and will support the already thriving local media industry.

Asia Tropical Film (Malaysia) and Huace Film & TV (China)

Also, Malaysia’s film producer and director Adrian Teh, from Asia Tropical Film announced that he will be partnering with China’s Huace Film & TV media group to direct 3 films slated to be released in China for the next three years. Teh is renowned for his box-office films the King of Mahjong, Hungry Ghost Ritual and many more. The upcoming projects will have casts from different countries, including actors from Malaysia.

Film Kingdom Group (Malaysia) and Eunice and Tonia Entertainment Co Ltd (Hong Kong)

Likewise, Film Kingdom Group; Malaysia’s Production and Distribution Company, announced its partnership with Eunice and Tonia Entertainment Co Ltd (Hong Kong) to co-produce its latest romantic-comedy film, tentatively titled ‘Miss Sunshine.’ The company is set to work with famous Hong Kong film director, actor, producer, and scriptwriter, Ko Chi Sum on the project. The co-produced film will be shot entirely in Malaysia, specifically in Penang, among others.

Paper Plane Image Studio (Malaysia) and Chinese Culture Wu Zhou Xing (China)

Furthermore, Malaysia’s production company Paper Plane Image Studio has struck RM2 Million deal with China’s Chinese Culture Wu Zhou Xing; an entertainment organiser company to co-produce and invest into the feature film length of Fist of Passion; a spinoff of a short film that was released last February. Slated to be released in 2017, the action-packed mixed martial arts film caught the Chinese company’s interest as it featured both Malay and Chinese martial arts, Silat and San Da.

Evo Pictures (Malaysia) and Creative Century Entertainment (Taiwan) and Beishen Cultural Media (China)

In addition, Evo Pictures, Malaysia’s production studio, will be co-producing a Chinese film with Taiwan's Creative Century Entertainment Co. Ltd. (CCE) and China's Beishen Cultural Media Co. Ltd. Tentatively titled High School Detective, the joint-venture project tells the story of a journey of two villagers from Taiwan who came to Malaysia with a mission to kidnap a Malaysian tycoon's daughter in order to stop the tycoon from taking over their village. The movie will be shot mostly in Malaysia, with some scenes taken in Taiwan. The film will be distributed not only in Malaysia, but is aimed to make it big in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Animasia Studio (Malaysia) and Zero One Animation (China)

Animasia Studio inked a deal with Zero One Animation of China to co-operate for their new CGI animated movie titled, Chuck Chicken - The Movie. Set for a theatrical release in 2018, the movie will cost approximately USD8 Million. Executive Producers of the film; Edmund Chan and Raye Lee (Animasia Studio) and Helen Dong (Zero One Animation) also announced their joint collaborations in gathering creative talents from China, Malaysia and North America to contribute to the production of the film, in addition to raising funds and securing potential investments from prominent partners in the upcoming months. The story and script development process begun in November 2015 and the pre-production work is set to commence in early June, while the CGI production targets to start in late 2016.

Dato’ Kamil Othman, Director General of FINAS takes pride in the efforts of the creative companies. "It is our pleasure to witness this significant milestone at Hong Kong Filmart and I am delighted over the remarkable international film projects happening between Malaysia and the world,” he commented.

Mr. Azmir Saifuddin during his opening remarks.

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