The Imaginarium Studios Asia-Pacific to Amplify the Quality Content Creation in Malaysia

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 21/03/2016

Michael Lake, Group Managing Director of Rhizophora Ventures and Tony Orsten, CEO of The Imaginarium Studios.

The Imaginarium Studios, UK’s leading performance capture studio announced their expansion into the Asia-Pacific region supported by Rhizophora Ventures; a Malaysian-based company set up to invest into the creative and media sectors to create a centre of production excellence in the region.

The establishment of The Imaginarium Studios Asia-Pacific in Malaysia will form a second performance-capture hub, servicing the Asian and Australasian markets. It will also see the creation of new jobs and will support the already thriving local media industry.

CEO of The Imaginarium Studios, Tony Orsten said, “We are really excited and happy to be a part of this expansion and I look forward to see what opportunities this move to the Asia-Pacific region will bring.  This studio will act as a centre of performance capture not only for Malaysia, but for the whole Asia Pacific region.”

"We hope to be an amplifier in content and industry building in the creative sector in Malaysia. The Imaginarium Studios Asia Pacific is bringing in the technology that The Imaginarium Studios have in the UK to Malaysia. The content makers can now think bigger in what they want to do and by thinking bigger, they can create programmes that can travel outside of Malaysia," said Michael Lake, Group Managing Director of Rhizophora Ventures.

Initially, staff from the London studio will provide training for the Malaysian technical artists, who will offer their services in post-production from a temporary base at Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, Johor. The Imaginarium Studios Asia-Pacific will open for business in May 2016, with several projects in the pipeline.