Wau Animation’s Ejen Ali to Capture Local and Global Animation Scene

Published by Mila Ismail @ 14/04/2016

(L-R) Faiz Hanafiah, COO of Wau Animation, Usamah Zaid, CEO of Wau Animation, and Fuad Md Din, CCO of Wau Animation.

Ejen Ali, a new 3D-animation series by Wau Animation made its first television debut on TV3 last week, and has since gained more than 10,000 likes on its official Facebook page, as well as garnering positive response for its novelty and fun storyline.

Ejen Ali tells the story of an ordinary 12-year old school boy, Ali, who got himself into an unexpected adventure after getting hold of a device called IRIS. The device, which was being eyed by a troop of villains who wants it for their own benefit, gets accidentally activated by Ali in a fight with the villains. Ali is now inseparable with the device, forcing him to undergo missions to save the world with his new powers.

Usamah Zaid, CEO of Wau Animation and Director of Ejen Ali said, "We coined the show in a way that it would look smart, modern, stylish yet silly. We have the cool gadgets, combat weapons, actions, but it is not only that. We also looked into the storyline and the humor to make it enjoyable for everyone."

Unlike most shows, where the hero gets superpower in just one night, Ejen Ali is a classic case of 'From Zero to Hero'. Although he got himself into the spy adventure by accident and had access to IRIS, the device did not give him any supernatural strength. It was simply a gadget that became inseparable with the first person who activated it, who happened to be Ali. Ejen Ali was put under circumstances that he had to train to be a spy.

"We have high expectation of the series and of course we would love Ejen Ali to be made into a feature film. In fact, our initial plan for the show itself was to do five seasons and two movies. Currently, we have already agreed with Primeworks to produce two seasons first. So far based on the positive response, we are excited and looking forward to proceeding with the movie project, but at this point, our main concern is completing the series we have at hand," he further commented.

The director also does not deny plans for any other further expansion of the animation series into other avenues. "We are currently looking into getting more brand sponsors, collaborators to work together for Ejen Ali. I think by expanding the IP, it will help to build exposure for the series around the world."

"We have already secured deals under Primeworks distribution to air Ejen Ali in Middle East and Africa. We are also getting Indonesia's interest, but they will need to see more episodes before sealing the deal."

Even though the animation series was just screened last week, it is gaining fast popularity as its mobile game titled, Ejen Ali: MATA Training Academy which is available on Google Play has been downloaded over 70,000 times to-date.