SSM Short Film Initiative Addresses the Importance of Business Registration

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 04/05/2016

The cast and crew of 'Telus' and 'Tekad' with Dato’ Zahrah Abd Wahab Fenner (middle) and SSM's Corporate Communication Department during the short film launch on 3rd May 2016.

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) launched 2 short films titled, Telus and Tekad as an initiative to address the importance of business registration and services by the agency.

The ‘public service’ short films were initiated by the Corporate Communication Department of SSM and directed by Tam Suhaimi, who is also the scriptwriter for both films. Speaking of the cooperation, Tam revealed the agency’s drive is to venture out of its previous announcement campaigns and was looking to tap into an heart-warming campaign; hence both short films were in the genre of drama.

Telus, Starring Nadiya Nisaa, Kilafairy, and Amanda Hariz tells the story of a mother who faces challenges as a result of not knowing how to set up her small business the right way. Whereas Tekad, starring Sean Lee, Intan Ladyana and Kian Yap highlights the conflict between father and son over the father’s resistance to change his traditional business model.

“Directing the short films is definitely a new challenge for me as I am used to be part of a bigger-scale telemovie. Nevertheless, I am honoured to direct these short films as I get to share meaningful stories, while incorporating the message by SSM at the same time.” said Tam Suhaimi.

Dato’ Zahrah Abd Wahab Fenner, CEO of SSM reiterated, “I believe the short films initiative will significantly raise the awareness of SSM and its roles to the public. Moreover, the positive storylines will impact and inspire everyone, especially to those who wanted to start their own business or company.”

The 5-minute short film can be watched on SSM’s official social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube, and others.

A scene from 'Telus.'

A scene from 'Tekad.'

Tam Suhaimi, the Director of Telus and Tekad.