Ingeniworks Fosters Learning ‘Jawi’ through Mobile Game

Published by Mila Ismail @ 11/05/2016

One of Malaysia's web and mobile application developers, Ingeniworks Sdn Bhd has released a mobile game titled, Mari Belajar Jawi to educate the younger generation on ‘Jawi,’ an Arabic script adapted for written Bahasa Malaysia text.

Jawi, which was once widely used as a spelling system in Malaysia, is slowly being forgotten. The alphabets are rarely used, causing the younger generation to be unfamiliar with the alphabets. As the name depicts Mari Belajar Jawi uses technology to encourage and attract the younger generation's interest in the ‘Jawi’ alphabet system.

Mohd Zulhilmi Mohd Zain, Team Leader of Ingeniworks recapped, "We strongly believe that games are a good medium to teach and provoke learning. In the medium run, it helps the younger generation to learn how to use the ‘Jawi’ alphabet while they play.” Moreover, the players are kept abreast on the latest rules of ‘Jawi’ spelling.

Targeted to kids and adults alike, Mari Belajar Jawi prompts the player to read the alphabetic word and spell it correctly to proceed to the next level. Through the repetitive actions, the players will pick up the reasoning behind the way the words are spelt, thus improving his or her ‘Jawi’ written skills.

Mohd Zulhilmi also revealed that this game is an experiment to see how the public will react to educational games. Likewise, the developer hopes to learn a lot more from the public’s feedback and plans to produce more exciting and valuable offerings in the future.

Currently, Mari Belajar Jawi is available on the Google Play Store and soon will be available on Apple App Store too.


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