Appxplore’s Latest Mobile Game App, ‘Crab War’ Reaches One Million Downloads

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 22/07/2016

Appxplore, Kuala Lumpur-based mobile game development studio announced that its latest mobile game app, Crab War has reached 1 million combined downloads (from Google Play and Apple App Store) within 60 days of its soft launch.

Developed by a team of six local talents, Crab War is a revolutionary tapping action adventure game where the players take over as the deity of crabs, commanding huge swarms to fight their way back into homeland. The mobile game that features captivating graphics and engaging challenges took one year for Appxplore, which is a subsidiary of iCandy (an Australian incorporated public company) to develop.

Speaking of the initial expectation of the game, Desmond Lee, CEO of Appxplore revealed, “We set our expectation high for every single game that we develop including Crab War. Hence, we are proud that our latest effort has reached the expectation in terms of download – however, we did not expect the game to generate a higher than expected revenue of a six-figure (USD) value.”

Following the success of Crab War, Appxplore, revealed that they have already started on the initial game concept for a spin-off, which will be based on the same ‘clicker’ genre but with a whole new game experience.

To-date, Crab War has been featured on Google Play across more than 20 countries as one of the recommended ‘new adventure games’ in major markets such as USA and Japan.

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