Prodigee Media to Continue Empowering Asian Content and Talents

Published by Mila Ismail @ 27/07/2016

Malaysia’s Prodigee Media, a multi-award winning media entertainment company is set to continue its role in empowering Asian content and talents through its Multi-Channel Network (MCN), WebTVAsia. Having rapidly expanded its business to nine markets across Asia; Malaysia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan over the last four years, the group is now enforcing its presence in the countries by building each countries' business foundation.

Desmond Ngai, Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships of WebTVAsia revealed, "To be number one in Asia, we need to expand further in terms of IP creation and talents. It is also about successfully integrating all our operations and fully optimizing all our strengths, in cooperation with our new and long term partners."

On the group's method in recruiting talents, Desmond stated that the group looks at both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the talent.  “Track records in viewership and fan base are important because it gives us a base to build on,” he added. However, the unique talent and more importantly the attitude to work hard and succeed are more valuable in spotting potential talents. To-date, the group has engaged with over 20 top Asian creators such as Joyce Chu (Malaysia), T-Ara (Korea), Hehaa TV (Thailand), 5S Online (Vietnam), TGOP (Taiwan), Ladybaby (Japan), Mikey Bustos (Philippines) and many others.
Prodigee Media's DNA as an all-round media entertainment group is in IP creation, management and creative exploitation. Hence, the group plans to continuously explore new business models to maximise brand and commercial values of its talents mostly in partnerships with established players who own distribution, marketing and other direct-to-consumer platforms, both traditionally and digitally.

The group had recently organised the successful Viral Fest Asia 2016 which was attended by over 100 top Asian artistes, media networks, content creators, and talents. Aiming for it to be an annual affair, the group hopes to bring the festival to every Asian country in the future, to continue promoting the theme of “Celebrate Asia!” as a whole.

Fred Chong, Founder and Group CEO of Prodigee Media.