WebTVAsia to Launch its First Original Content Production‬

Published by Mila Ismail @ 29/07/2016

WebTVAsia, Asian leading digital media entertainment group is set to launch its first original web content, Asia Hot Angels. Set to premiere in August 2016, the new online reality series will feature 12 social media influencers representing 12 Asian countries, competing in a ‘Fear Factor’ style challenges.

‪Shot entirely in Bali, Indonesia, the reality show records the lives of the twelve girls; Jennifer (Malaysia), Red (Philippines), Miso (Taiwan), Poonam (India), Nicole (Singapore), Sarom (S. Korea), DJ Vu (Vietnam), Fern (Thailand), Jelly (Indonesia), Coffee (Hong Kong), Maki (Japan) and Molla (China) as they go through various challenges, games, and stunts to compete for the 'Asia Hottest Angel' title.

‪Besides gathering popular social media influencers with over 5 million combined fans, the web series also opened up opportunities for other talents such as Malaysian singer, Henley Hii and Bapmokja & Haeppy, South Korean YouTubers to take part in the series as the guest hosts.

‪"Moving forward, WebTVAsia will focus on driving more high quality original content that has wide Asian appeal while giving a stronger platform for Asian talents to shine," said Desmond Ngai, Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships (International) of WebTVAsia at the exclusive sneak peak of the show during the recent Viral Fest Asia 2016.

‪ ‪Launched in 2014, WebTVAsia is also known for creating Asia’s viral hit music video, Little Apple and Asia’s first and biggest digital creator award show, WebTVAsia Awards 2015

Marissa Nasution (far left) and Mark O’dea (far right) interviewing Asia Hot Angels on stage (left to right): Poonam (India), Nicole (Singapore), Molla (China), Miso (Taiwan), Jelly (Indonesia), DJ Vu (Vietnam) and Sarom (Korea).