Khairul Azri’s Directorial Debut, Pekak to Screen in September

Published by Mila Ismail @ 11/08/2016

Pekak; the first feature-length film by a short film director, Khairul Azri will make its theatrical release in local cinemas on 1st September 2016.  Featuring star-studded lineups, including award-winning actors Zahiril Adzim and Sharifah Amani as the leading roles, Pekak is set to push the envelope in Malaysian cinema with its ‘alternative’ genre.

Produced by Lightbulb Pictures; a production house under Grand Brilliance (GB) that focus on alternative film genres and a platform to develop out-of-the-box directing, writing and acting talent, Pekak first made its world premiere in 2015 at the World Premieres Film Festival Philippines. The film was also one of the five films that were screened at Marché du Film 2016, in France last May.

Pekak, which was nominated for Best International Film at the recent World Premieres Film Festival Philippines 2016, revolves around a deaf drug pusher named Uda who sells drugs in order to pay for his impending cochlear surgery to restore his hearing. His path crosses with Dara's, a troubled schoolgirl who long to escape from her overbearing father. An unlikely relationship starts to blossom between them, challenged by a world filled with violence, sex and drugs.

Hoping the film will impact the audience emotionally, Tengku Iesta Alaudin, Managing Director of Grand Brilliance also revealed that “the theme, idea and issue that Pekak highlighted was the reason why GB was attracted to produce the film.” “Furthermore, Khairul’s enthusiasm and track records proved that he has the right touch for the film – especially in visual storytelling,” he added.

Khairul Azri has previously directed a short film titled, Pejam Pelik which garnered the Royal Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival 2015 and the Award of Merits at Best Shorts Competition.


(L-R) Zaidi Omar, Sharifah Sakinah and Zahiril Adzim.