Mediasoft Entertainment’s ‘Roll Spike’ Hits 3.5 Million Downloads, Launches ‘Rio’ Edition

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 13/08/2016

Mediasoft Entertainment’s latest mobile game, Roll Spike achieves a new high as it reaches 3.5 million downloads worldwide, just three months after its launch in May 2016. In conjunction with this new achievement, the game has also launched a new update which will bring its players to Rio.

The all-new Roll Spike Goes to Rio update does not only feature a new selection of teams from New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, USA, China and Brazil, but also introduces new maps, a new story gameplay mode as well as new stadium locations from around the world.

Havene Liew, Managing Director of Mediasoft Entertainment stated, “The Olympics is an amazing time for athletes and fans of sports alike. But the market is generally dominated by popular Western sports such as football, basketball and tennis. We wanted to create a game that was not only enjoyable but reflected our local culture. Considering the amazing amount of skill and the popularity of the sport, perhaps Sepak Takraw will be an Olympic sport in the future.”

Roll Spike is the first ever Sepak Takraw mobile game in the world. Sepak Takraw is known as a popular South East Asian sport originating from Malaysia. The game is similar to the sport of volleyball; but players rely on their feet, legs and chest to get the ball across instead.

Roll Spike Goes to Rio update is now available globally for free on iOS and Android.