FINAS Establishes Southeast Asia’s First ‘Museum of Moving Image’

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 25/08/2016

Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid and Dato’ Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib examining one of the exhibits in MOMI.

The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) today launched the first Museum of Moving Image (MOMI) in Southeast Asia at FINAS Petaling Jaya, as part of the agency’s Centre of Excellence (COE) initiative under the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (RMK11).

Officiated by Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid, Former Chief Secretary to the Government, MOMI serves as an information hub and exhibition related to the history of national filming and recording, displaying sources as reference. The interactive museum also houses historical artifacts, posters, costumes, and contents related to audio-visual and film to further educate the public towards the identity, history, and heritage of the Malaysian film industry.

“As the pioneer of establishing an interactive film museum in Southeast Asia, the Museum of Moving Image has the potential to be a comprehensive Centre of Excellence for Knowledge, Research and Data Industry to the community as a whole. The initiative is also vital in recognising the history of Malaysian cinema and those who were involved in the film industry since the beginning,” said Tun Ahmad Sarji.

Dato’ Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib, Chairman of FINAS reiterated, “I believe the establishment of the Museum of Moving Image is imperative as a strategy to preserve and restore important historical content. Hence, FINAS has utilised the digitization technology to upgrade the audio-visual materials in the museum in an effort to enhance visitors’ experience and protect the nation’s content.”

Besides MOMI, FINAS Centre of Excellence also includes Mediatheque and E-Heritage. Mediatheque serves to provide recording and collection references. To-date, it has 3,545 titles of documentary films/trailers, 15,075 audio tapes, 753 volumes of newspaper excerpt, and 16,962 pieces of still images. Whereas, E-Heritage focuses on providing facilities for preserving and conserving commercial audio-visual records for reference and research through innovative technology.

Other Museum of Moving Image are located in New York, London, and Hong Kong.

Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid officiating FINAS Museum of Moving Image (MOMI).

Dato’ Mohd Khusairi Abdul Talib, Chairman of FINAS.