‘Jagat’ Wins Buku Fixi's Best Film Poster Award

Published by Mila Ismail @ 30/08/2016

Buku Fixi today announced Shanjhey Kumar Perumal's directorial debut, Jagat as the winner for its unofficial Best Film Poster Award. The Tamil film’s poster was chosen over 104 other Malaysian films that were screened in local cinemas between 2015 until 30th June 2016. 
The monochrome poster, which was designed by Shanjhey and Janagaraj Tiruvalluvan, shows Appoy, the film’s 12-year-old protagonist posing while looking at the camera with a pencil in his mouth as though it is a cigarette, pretending to light it with an eraser.
"The gritty and filmic treatment of the whole visual is focused, simple yet with a twist. The juxtaposition is layered with meaning, which makes you look twice. That contrast makes you wonder what it’s all about. Curiosity makes you want to watch this film. The poster thus renders the complexities of the socio-political landscape of the movie and Malaysia," said one of the juries on the Award's official Facebook page.
Jagat went against 9 other posters that were chosen as finalists; Bangunan, BoBoiBoy the Movie, Girlfriend Kontrak, Jengka, Love Endures, Nota, Ola Bola, Polis Evo andRedha. The winner was determined by a panel of esteemed judges; Ezrena Marwan from Malaysia Design Archive, Fixi book cover designer Teck Hee, and winner of the last Malaysian Film Festival Best Film Poster award, Rewan Ishak.
Labeled by the organiser as an 'unofficial’ competition, the winning poster walks away with RM5,000 prize money.