Zahiril Adzim Garners Best Actor Award at Russia's International Motivational Film Festival 2016

Published by Mila Ismail @ 01/09/2016

Malaysian actor, Zahiril Adzim garnered the Best Actor award or his role in Mohd Khairul Azri’s directorial debut, Pekak at the International Motivational Film Festival (IMFF) BRIDGE of ARTS in Rusia on 28th August 2016.
IMFF celebrates a passion for achievement and motivational movies which inspire people to actions. This year, the festival had shortlisted 11 full-length and short films from different countries in the ‘Competition Program’ including Pekak (Malaysia), A Horse with Hope (China), Xla (Bulgaria), Dream Factory (India), The Search Engine (Turkey), and others.
Pekak tells the story of Uda, a deaf man who resorts to selling drugs in order to pay for his impending cochlear surgery which will restore his hearing. His path then crosses with Dara's (Sharifah Amani), a troubled schoolgirl who longs to escape from her overbearing father and so they both stumble into a world of violence, sex and drugs.
The bittersweet love story also won the Best Script award by an international jury of influential culture and arts figures from Russia and other foreign countries.
"It is definitely a teamwork effort and I hope the audience in Malaysia will be able to 'hear' our message through the film. Together, we can foster the film industry further by supporting our local films," said Zahiril as reported by FINAS.
Produced by Lightbulb Pictures, under Primeworks Studios, Pekak hits nationwide cinemas today.

Zahiril Adzim and Sharifah Amani