'Jagat' Garners 8 Nominations for the Kuala Lumpur Critics’ Choice Awards 2016

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 07/09/2016

The ‘Best Malaysian Film’ at the recent 28th Malaysia Film Festival (FFM 28), Jagat garnered eight nominations in six categories for the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 (Anugerah Majlis Pengkritik Filem Kuala Lumpur).

The film will be competing against Ola Bola, Love, Supermoon, and Redha in the Best Film category. Whereas, the director, Shanjhey Kumar Perumal will go against  Wan Hasliza Wan Kamarudin, Chiu Keng Guan, Ghaz Abu Bakar, and Tunku Mona Riza for the Best Director award.

Jagat is also nominated in the Best Screenplay category, while four of the actors are up for Best Actor (Jibrail Rajhula and Harvind Raj) and Best Supporting Actor (Kuben Mahadevan and Senthil Kumaran Muniandy) awards.

The Kuala Lumpur Critics’ Choice Awards was established in 2011 by a group of local film critics in various fields. The nominees are shortlisted from at least 61 films that were screened from September 2015 to August 2016.

Winners will be announced in October 2016.

The Kuala Lumpur Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 full list of nominations:

Best Film

Ola Bola 
Love, Supermoon 

Best Director

Shanjey Kumar Perumal - Jagat
Wan Hasliza Wan Kamarudin - Love, Supermoon
Chiu Keng Guan - Ola Bola
Ghaz Abu Bakar - Polis Evo
Tunku Mona Riza - Redha

Best Actor

Jibrail Rajhula - Jagat
Harvind Raj - Jagat
Namron - Redha
Tommy Tam - The Kid from the Big Apple

Best Actress

Nadiya Nisaa - Love, Supermoon
Junainah Lojong - Redha

Best Cinematography

Senthil Kumaran Muniandy - Jagat
Chin Ting Chang - Ola Bola
Mohd Shah Faizul - Dukun Doktor Dani
Yung Chong Soon - The Kid from the Big Apple
Rahim Maidin - Munafik

Best Screenplay

Shanjey Kumar Perumal - Jagat
Joel Soh, Kyle Gounting, Anwari Ashraf dan Adib Zaini - Polis Evo
Tunku Mona Riza - Redha
Wan Hasliza Wan Kamarudin - Love, Supermoon

Best Supporting Actor

Kuben Mahadevan - Jagat
Senthil Kumaran Muniandy - Jagat
Bront Palarae - Ola Bola
Amerul Affendi - Dukun Doktor Dani
Harith Haziq - Redha

Best Supporting Actress

Anne Ngasri - Love, Supermoon
Nabila Huda - Munafik
Nadiya Nisaa - Redha