'Hogie the Globehopper' Launches a YouTube Channel with Weekly Educational Clips

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 09/09/2016

Lil Critter Workshop’s award-winning IP, Hogie the Globehopper launched a YouTube channel ahead of its premiere to introduce the main character, Hogie and his friends to the audience. Set to complement the TV show, the channel features exclusive educational clips with songs, stories and facts from around the world to children aged 2 to 7 years old, every week.

As an engaging add-on to the show, the ‘fun facts’ clips will provide a basic geographical and location knowledge, using colourful maps and globes to locate countries and popular places.  Moreover, the fun sing-along songs and stories will educate the viewers on languages and the similarities in different cultures.

The online platform also aims to inspire children’s curiosity and fascination about the world and to learn about diverse people, cultures, and resources.  Hence, the channel will be releasing one video a week for the next 52 weeks in an effort to engage with the audience and build social media presence for the IP.

Walid Omar, Executive Director of Lil Critter Workshop revealed, “Hogie the Globehopper is a show that celebrates the differences in children from around the world, whilst at the same time teaching us that we are all the same.  Whether you are from Sweden, America, China or Kenya, we all like music, stories and learning and when we learn about places and people, we can understand them and relate to them.  I believe the world needs this at the moment.”

Hogie the Globehopper TV series is slated to launch next month exclusively for broadcasters, with production schedule for completion in May 2017.