Chain-FX and Wau Animation Collaborate for Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi’s Cutting-Edge Visual Effects

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 13/09/2016

Local award-winning creative studio, Chain-FX and CG animation studio, Wau Animation collaborated to create the visual effects for Astro Shaw’s latest action flick, Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi.

Directed by Faisal Ishak, the film is an adaptation of a popular graphic novel of the same name with approximately 30 per cent visual effects inspired by anime and comic style visuals by Chain-FX. The studio, which specializes in mix and match effects also created virtual characters that can interact with the actors and used the ‘digital doubles’ technique to make a digital version of the actors for dangerous stunts.

The visual effects took almost 12 months to complete from pre to post-production by 25 local talents from both companies. Chain-FX oversaw the visual effects as a whole, including the concept arts, pre-visual, 3D modeling, and compositing, whereas Wau Animation focused on all the animation aspects of the film.

Mohd Roshfaizal Ariffin, Managing Director of Chain-FX Sdn Bhd revealed, “This movie has a lot of physical interactions between the actors and the monsters, hence Astro Shaw already had something in mind when they approached us for the visual effects. However, the visual effects design pretty much clicked in place on its own as both teams had the same ideas. Moreover, we had a lot of constructive input and remarks by the producers to make the effects look good and believable.”

He also added that the biggest challenge they faced in developing the visual effects was letting go. As he felt that there was always some improvement that they can do to make the ghosts look more photo-realistic yet comical, while there is no apparent reference on local paranormal creatures.

Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi, which tells the story of a socially reclusive student who has an ability to see supernatural beings from another dimension, is now screening in cinemas nationwide.