Maxis Rojak 360° Premieres the Fourth Film in the Series, 'Gading Merah' on YouTube

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 14/09/2016

Maxis Rojak 360°, Malaysia’s first 360-degree film series by five local award-winning storytellers premiered the fourth film in the series titled, Gading Merah by Junad Mohd Nor on Maxis’ YouTube channel today.

Gading Merah tells the tale of courage and unity between three young girls when a feared creature of folklore origin descends upon Kampung Gading Merah; causing unrest, chaos and instilling fear in its villagers.

The project is a celebration of Malaysia’s colourful diversity in conjunction with this year’s Merdeka and Malaysia Day; highlighting the uniqueness of local dialects, celebrating cultural traditions, and showcasing the beauty of different corners of Malaysia using cutting edge 360° cameras.

“We are extremely delighted that one of Malaysia’s top storytellers decided to celebrate her film premier with us, and it cannot come at a more appropriate time in light of the upcoming Malaysia Day,” said Bernard Lee, Maxis’ Head of Marketing Communications.

“The film emphasizes on the importance of solidarity and unity. Because when we are united, nothing is impossible,” said Junad Mohd Nor, a Busan Film Festival-awarded short filmmaker.

Gading Merah followed the three 360-degree films premiered earlier on 25th August by other homegrown award-winning storytellers; YouTube superstars, The Ming Thing and RED People as well as Tamil hit movie directors, Veedu.

Junad Mohd Nor