Khairul Arifin's Interracial Love Story to Represent Malaysia at Raindance Film Festival in London

Published by Mila Ismail @ 30/09/2016

Local short film director, Khairul Arifin M Ajib will be representing Malaysia at the 24th Raindance Film Festival in London, United Kingdom with his interracial love story, My Lor Bak. Malaysia. Besides garnering the ‘Official Selection’ title, the short film will also receive its international premiere on 30th September at Vue Cinema, Piccadilly Circus.
Inspired by the lyrics from a Malay song titled Warisan by Sudirman, My Lor Bak tells the story of a conservative Chinese single mother who struggles to find a balance between embracing her son’s Malay Muslim girlfriend and her own traditional values. 
While the film cast non-actors, it features the work of established Director of Photography, Filus Ghazali; who was the mastermind behind the mesmerising cinematography. The director also shared that the film uses a narrative in Mandarin, despite the script was written in English.
"As a storyteller, I spend a lot of time being open to inspiration that can turn into a screenplay. These inspirations may come from any culture or social background as long as it is a story I find fascinating enough to immerse myself in,” said the director, who revealed that his upcoming feature film will also use Mandarin as the main language.
Speaking of his upcoming project, Khairul’s next coming-of-age film, Lion's Heart, also celebrate the beauty of culture as it tells a story inspired by the Lion Dance, a traditional Chinese art. The film will be partly funded by FINAS’ Content Malaysia Pitching Centre and the development will be assisted by the Raindance Film Festival.
The festival, which is currently taking place until 2nd October 2016 in Central London, is the largest and most important independent film festival in the UK. Over the years, the festival has hosted notable award-winning filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan, Shane Meadows, Quentin Tarantino, and many others.

A scene from 'My Lor Bak.'