Malaysia-Japan Co-production, Pigeon Premieres in Tokyo

Published by Mila Ismail @ 25/10/2016

A Malaysian-Japanese co-production short film, Pigeonby local production house Greenlight Pictures and Japanese renowned director, Isao Yukisada is set to make its grand premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) 2016, as part of the festival's Asian Three-Fold Mirror project which runs from 25th October to 3rd November 2016.
The Asian Three-Fold Mirror project brings together three globally acclaimed directors from Asia to co-create omnibus films with a common theme, ‘Living Together in Asia.’ The first of the omnibus film series reflects on the history and culture of the chosen countries, generating new points of light to bring people in Asia together.
Pigeon, which takes place in Penang, Malaysia tells the story of Michisaburo Tanaka (Masahiko Tsugawa) and his son, Masao (Masatoshi Nagase). One day, a new helper Yasmin (Sharifah Amani) comes to look after Michisaburo, who has distant memories of the Pacific War. Through various problems a bond starts to form between the two.
“Amani's character, Yasmin is named as homage to the late, great Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad, whose films I love and respect,” said the director, who also has collaborated with other filmmakers in Asia on his films; Camellia and Five Minutes to Tomorrow
Woo Ming Jin, Founder of Greenlight Pictures and Edmund Yeo, local filmmaker revealed that the production took place within 10 days from late March 2016 to early April 2016. The production house is also looking to screen the short film in Malaysia next year.
This year marks the 29th edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF). Since its inception, the festival has been dedicated to discovering and cultivating new talent, and has contributed to the careers of countless international filmmakers such as Michel Hazanavicius and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, among others.

A scene from Pigeon.