AGNI Showdown 2016 Announces Winners for Nation’s First Tamil Short Film Competition

Published by Mila Ismail @ 28/10/2016

AGNI Showdown 2016, a competition to celebrate and encourage aspiring independent and student filmmakers among the Indian community, has announced the winners for the nation's first Tamil music video and short film competition.

Featuring two categories, the Grand Prize for the ‘Short Film’ category was presented to Thayalan Subramaniam for his short film, Vizhuthu while Jaya Easwar Ragavan was awarded the Grand Prize for the ‘Music Video category’ for Selvom Vaa.

The winners from each category took home RM10,000 cash and the Top 5 short films and music videos were officially screened at the 15th Deepavali Carnival on 26th October 2016.

AGNI Showdown 2016 was organised by Agenda Suria Communication and TouchTronics Entertainment, with the support by Malaysian Indian Creative Content Council (MICCC), Special Unit Program for Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community (SEDIC) and FINAS.

Full List of AGNI Showdown 2016 winners:

Short Film Category

Grand Prize - Vizhutu by Thayalan Subramaniam

1st Runner Up - Thirai by Huumessh Gunaseelan

2nd Runner Up - Manidhi by Lena Thannimalai Srinivasan

3rd Runner Up - A Stranger's Pleasure by Indiran Shanmugam

Consolation Prize - The Life by Kumaresan Sundramurty

Music Video Category

Grand Prize - Selvom Vaa by Jaya Easwar Ragavan

1st Runner Up - Ninaithu Vaazhven by Sivanissh S. Elankovan

2nd Runner Up - Anbe Aaruyirae by Gunavatani Kunasegaran

3rd Runner Up - Jenmam Nirainthathu by Gogularaajan Rajendran

Consolation Prize - Vedakabadathaari by Mugeshwaran Sivanantham