Primeworks Studios Set to Screen Three Blockbusters in 2017-2018

Published by Mila Ismail @ 23/11/2016

Primeworks Studios is set to screen three major blockbusters; J Revolusi, Pulang and Kau Takdirku in 2017-2018 as their tent-pole movies under the studio’s 'Asian Stories for the World’ initiative.

The studio, which has consistently screened an average of 10 feature films annually across various genres including Istanbul Aku Datang, KIL, and the studio's latest award-winning film, Pekak; revealed, "We are always looking for refreshing, new ways to tell our stories. Aligned with our motto, we need to make sure that our content and stories sustain their appeal with our audience."

J Revolusi, which is Zulkarnain Azhar’s directorial debut, tells the story of a rogue operative named Jay (Zul Ariffin) who turned away from a mission in order to rescue his sister, Dian (Nur Fazura) from a ruthless Kingpin. The action film is set to screen on 2nd March 2017.

Also to screen in 2017, Kau Takdirku which is directed by Jason Chong, tells a love triangle story between Kamar (Remy Ishak) who is secretly in love with his adopted sister, who is also married to his best friend, Harris (Bront Palarae).

Whereas Pulang, which is based on a true story speaks of two men who yearn to find the only place they belong: home. Set to premiere in 2018, the epic romance piece by director Kabir Bhatia also stars Remy Ishak, alongside Puteri Aishah, Azreil Ismail, Erwin Dawson and Juliana Evans.

Besides the three tent-pole films, Primeworks Studios also produced over 5,000 hours of compelling content annually for a range of platforms including TV and digital such as Best in the World, Welcome to the Rail World, Hip-Hoppin’ Asia and others.