WebTVAsia Awards 2016 Honours the Year’s Biggest Digital Content Creators

Published by Mila Ismail @ 29/11/2016

Group photo with all the winners

Asia’s most anticipated annual digital creator awards show, WebTVAsia Awards 2016 honoured the year’s biggest digital content creators, including Malaysian singers Joyce Chu and Michiyo Ho, local animation Upin & Ipin, Japanese comedian Piko Taro and many others in Seoul, South Korea on 26th November 2016.

In keeping with the theme “Celebrate Asia,” the second edition of the award show was attended by diverse content creators from 12 Asian countries who command a combined attention of 250 million fans. This year, the “Song of the Year” award went to Labanoon/Genierock (Thailand), Joyce Chu/RedPeople (Malaysia) and Radio Fish (Japan), while S. White (Taiwan), Jannine Weigel (Thailand) and Michiyo Ho (Malaysia) won the “Breakout Creator of the Year” title.

In addition, local animation duo Upin & Ipin, garnered the “Malaysia’s Most Popular Video” award for “New Toys” and local content creator Namewee took home the “Malaysia’s Most Popular Channel” title. Boasting over 90 million hits on YouTube, Japanese viral sensation Piko Taro received the “Freaking Awesome Video of the Year” award, whereas Thai super creator, Bie The Ska was honoured the “Channel of the Year” award.

Fred Chong, Group CEO of WebTVAsia commented, “WebTVAsia has always championed our dynamic Asian content creators. Our presence here tonight bears testimony to our commitment to unite the Asian digital media entertainment industry and to showcase our Asian creators as the current kings and queens of the content world.”

Mayor of Goyang City who attended the award as the Guest-of-Honor, noted WebTVAsia's effort in bringing Asia's digital content creator as he revealed in his speech, “WebTVAsia is working to bring Asian creators and media companies together. This company believes that if we can combine our resources together, not only can we learn from each other, but WebTVAsia and its partners can also create the single biggest entertainment market in the world, targeting over 700 million Asian millennials.”

This year, the award show was headlined by Korea’s megastar K-pop group, SNSD (Girls Generation), besides other popular artistes across the region including Daniel Cheah (Taiwan), Radio Fish (Japan), Jannine Weigel (Thailand), HaoRen (Malaysia) and many others.

Below is the full list of 2016 WebTVAsia Awards winners:

1. Most Popular Channel

  • Korea:  YD(YANGDDING) Gaming Channel
  • Malaysia: Namewee
  • Indonesia: Reza Oktovian
  • Japan:  はじめしゃちょー(hajime)
  • India: BB Ki Vines
  • Vietnam:  St.319 Entertainment
  • Singapore: Clicknetwork
  • Hong Kong:  JASON(大J)
  • Thailand: Bie The Ska
  • Taiwan:  主頻道【谷阿莫】Amogood
  • The Philippines: ABS-CBN Entertainment
  • China:  罗辑思维 Luogic Show

2. Most Popular Video

  • Korea: Heopop - The Slime Baff Pool
  • Malaysia: Upin & Ipin - New Toys
  • Indonesia: Rich Chigga - Dat $tick
  • Japan: Piko Taro - PPAP
  • India: The Viral Fever - Truth or Dare with Dad
  • Vietnam:  Sơn Tùng -  We Do Not Belong Together
  • Singapore Oddbods - Foodfiasco
  • Hong Kong:  JW 王灝兒 - 矛盾一生 Official Music Video
  • Thailand: Bie The Ska -  How To Cheat in The Test
  • Taiwan:  這群人 TGOP│超瞎翻唱 Super Lousy Cover Songs
  • The Philippines: Chris Cantada - FOREVER SERIES The Blue Brothers
  • China: Bao Zou Animation -  Wang Nima's Sex Education Show

3. Most Popular Online Drama

  • TVF Pitchers
  • 陈二狗的妖孽人生 (Curious Journey of Chen Er Gou)

4. Most Popular Online Variety Program

  • 姐姐好饿 (S-Style Show)
  • AMOi-AMOi百萬女團選拔賽 (Amoi-Amoi Talent Search)
  • 4ขาเลา่ ขา่ ว (Told News 4)

5. Most Popular Online Microfilm

  • Arang & Asa
  • Human Form
  • โอเล้ียง...เพ่ือนท่ีจะอยูก่ ับคุณตลอดไป Growing Together

6. Most Popular Online Movie

  • 大明锦衣卫 (Ming's Guardian)
  • Phim LẬT MẶT 1 (Face Off Season 1)
  • 错了性别,不错爱 | 何佳颖 (Girls Love) 

7. Song of the Year

  • แพท้ าง - LABANOON
  • I Miss You, Joyce Chu

8. Breakout Creator of the Year

  • 羅小白 S.White
  • Jannine Weigel
  • Michiyo Ho 

9. Digital Campaign of the Year

  • Sharehappi スペシャルムービー (Glico Japan)

10. Channel of the Year

  • Bie The Ska

11. Freaking Awesome Video of the Year

  • Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen by Piko Taro