WebTVAsia to Launch Millennial-focused Online Platform, LUVE in 2017

Published by Mila Ismail @ 30/11/2016

Fred Chong, Group Chief Executive Officer of WebTVAsia

Asia's leading digital media brand, WebTVAsia announced its plans to launch LUVE; a millennial-focused online video platform in 2017. The all-new platform is set to deliver contents produced by the company and its over 1,000 partners across 10 countries in Asia Pacific.

"We are embarking on an ambitious plan to become Asia's biggest short-and-micro form video platform by 2018. Our existing foundation of 1 billion views, 25 million subscribers and various highly-rated original shows will give us a competitive advantage and a head start," said Fred Chong, Group CEO of WebTVAsia, who also affirmed that LUVE is not a competitor for TV.

The platform, which will be featuring a collective content from digital content creators across Asia, is said to be more rewarding for content creators while letting them stay true to their creativity.

"From our experience managing digital content and its creators, most of them had to subside to product placement and promotion in their content after a while to actually generate profit. LUVE will help the creators to take care of the profit-making part so that they can focus on creating content," the CEO added.

The new platform, which will be rolling out content tailored to its target audience's watching habits and preferences, is set to launch first in Thailand next year, followed by other markets in Asia Pacific.