Global Entrepreneurship Community’s Creative Cluster Generates Initiatives that Will Lead to Industry Transformation

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 13/12/2016

ArtistLabs by MyPAA; one of the winning initiatives at GECommunity 2016.

The inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Community (GEC); organised by Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC) from 8th to 9th December 2016 has generated two initiatives under the ‘Creative Cluster’ that will lead to new economies and industry transformation.

The first initiative, Artist Labs by Malaysia Performing Arts Agency (MyPAA) is a creative entrepreneurship platform that specialises in scaling up creative practitioners. The platform is created as MyPAA believes that creative practitioners lack the fundamental entrepreneurship skills. Set to be created in the coming months, the startup platform will collaborate with MaGIC and Thiscene; the intersection of creativity in Asia movement.

In addition, an augmented reality cultural education game that transforms public spaces into programmed social experiences by Socialab also won the public vote. The initiative is created to seek an alternative method using technology to facilitate experiential learning driven by creativity. The non-combative game is set to be implemented at local universities, colleges, and schools.

Besides the two winning initiatives, MaGIC also shortlisted Creative Duality by Metripol. Furthermore, MyCreative Ventures and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) also seek to implement the initiatives generated from the Creative Cluster Lab privately.

The Global Entrepreneurship Community is a global summit initiated by the government of Malaysia to empower entrepreneurs around the world with groundbreaking ideas and collaborations to solve cross-border challenges, uncover new possibilities and revolutionary ideas within the entrepreneurship.

Brian Johnson Lowe, Director of MyPAA presenting the initiative at GEC 2016.

A representative of Socialab presenting the initiative at GEC 2016.