Astro-Les' Copaque Introduces New Channel, ‘Upin & Ipin Bersama Kawan-Kawan’

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 13/12/2016

Astro announced a joint collaboration with Les' Copaque Production Sdn Bhd to introduce a new channel, Upin & Ipin Bersama Kawan-Kawan on Astro First.

The inaugural partnership launched the first local animation channel that will broadcast exclusively during the school holiday season starting from 1st December 2016 on Channel 480.

Upin & Ipin Bersama Kawan-Kawan will feature a line-up of exciting animations, led by the popular series Upin & Ipin, which will be divided into three segments; ‘Jejak Upin & Ipin,’ ‘Upin & Ipin Sahabat Selamanya,’ and ‘Upin & Ipin Pejuang Hebat.’

The channel will also premiere Kembara Warisan Detektif Upin & Ipin, a game show series which aims to introduce interesting locations, traditional games, food and various items of national heritage to the world. The concept of this series combined three different technical aspects; 3D animation, live-action and motion graphics.

Haji Burhanuddin Md. Radzi, Managing Director of Les' Copaque Production said, "I believe having our own channel is a bold move, because there is no animation company in Malaysia that produces a wide range of IP consisting of different genres, while still ensuring that each series is well-received by the audience."

The channel also features DaDuDiDo; a series of non-dialogue short animation series which highlights the value of friendship.