‘Maravan’ Reigns Over Malaysian Indian Cine Awards with 10 Awards

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 27/12/2016

Local Tamil thriller, Maravan reigned over the first Malaysian Indian Cine Awards (MiCA) with 10 honours, including the most coveted ‘Best Film’ category. The film also bagged the trophy for Most Popular Film, Best Actor (Kumaresh), Best Actress (Kavitha Thiagarajan), Best Director (SD Puvanendran), Best Scriptwriter (SD Puvanendran and Chandru 'The Keys'), Best Villain (Haridhass), Best Cinematography (Raja Vatchalam), Best Art Director (Ethish Kumar), and Best Song (Narigal Nadamadum).

Released in 2015, the film highlighted the struggle of a poor rubber tapper who resorted into the illegal world of child smuggling, human trafficking and drug trade so he can live a luxurious life with his family. Earlier in June, Maravan won the ‘Country Best Award’ at the 2016 International Open Film Festival (IOFF) New York and Dhaka, and was also selected as one of the semi-finalists at the Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (PFFM) 2016, besides garnering three nominations at the 28th Malaysian Film Festival (FFM) for Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Malaysian Film.

Maravan’s director and scriptwriter, SD Puvanendran commented, “Biggest credit goes to each and every soul who has admired and appreciated Maravan since the beginning – especially to my producer Chandru Keys and the entire Maravan team for making the film a remarkable one. I’d also like to thank MiCA Awards 2016 for not only providing a wonderful platform but elevating the local Indian entertainment industry as well.”

This year, a total of nine local Indian films released in 2015 were nominated, including Avana Nee which took home four awards; Best Comedian (Rameshwara), Best Editor (Naresh Babu),  Best Background Music (Jay Raghavendra), and Best Female Newcomer (Ashwin Kaur Rai), as well as the first local Tamil zombie movie, Vere Vazhi Ille which received three awards; Best Male Singer (Shastan Kurup), Best Supporting Actress (Kristina Vinokree), and Best Makeup Artiste (Narumatha Tiruvalluvan).

The Malaysian Indian Cine Industry award which was held at the IRDKL Mall in Shah Alam on 23rd December 2016 is set to be an annual event with the objectives to honour excellence in the local Indian cinema, promote the local Indian film industry globally, enrich the film industry by highlighting the talents, and encourage the industry players to produce more quality films.

Full List of Winners at MiCA Awards 2016:

Best Film

Best Actor
Kumaresh (Maravan)

Best Actress
Kavitha Thiagarajan (Maravan)

Best Director
SD Puvanendran (Maravan)

Best Script Writer
SD Puvanendran (Maravan)
Chandru 'The Keys' (Maravan)

Best Comedian
Rameshwara (Avana Nee)

Best Villain
Haridhass (Maravan)

Best Editor
Naresh Babu (Avana Nee)

Best Cinematography
Raja Vatchalam (Maravan)

Best Music Director
Sundra (Muthukumar Wanted)

Best Song
Narigal Nadamadum (Maravan)

Best Background Music
Jay Raghavendra (Avana Nee)

Best Lyricist
Coco Nantha (Muthukumar Wanted)

Best Male Singer
Shastan Kurup (Vere Vazhi Ille)

Best Female Singer
Sinthiyasini (Muthukumar Wanted)

Best Supporting Actress
Kristina Vinokree (Vere Vazhi Ille)

Best Supporting Actor
Maney Villanz (Iravan)

Best Female Newcomer
Ashwin Kaur Rai (Avana Nee)

Best Male Newcomer
Kash Villanz (Iravan)

Best Art Director
Ethish Kumar (Maravan)

Best Makeup Artiste
Narumatha Tiruvalluvan (Vere Vazhi Ille)

Best Short Film

Best Short Film Actor
Ganesh (Kalainyan)

Best Short Film Director 
Ganesh (Kalainyan)

Best Short Film Cinematographer
Muhammad Razeen (Sethu)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Suhan Panchacharam

MiCA Icon
Shashi Tharan

Astro First Special Award
Vere Vazhi Ille

Most Popular Film

Most Popular Actor
Kash Villanz

Most Popular Actress
Shamini Ramasamy

Hotlink People’s Choice Award
Kash Villanz

Director SD Puvanendran and 'Maravan' team at the recent MiCA Awards 2016. Photo by: FINAS