‘Temuan Takdir’ Garners Double Awards at LA Film Festival 2016

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 06/01/2017

Malaysian film, Temuan Takdir (Meeting Fate), has been honored in two categories; ‘Best New Director’ for Dhyan Vimal and ‘Best Original Score’ by Krishinthen Shanmugam at the Los Angeles Film Festival in December 2016. Touted as an IMDb qualifying monthly film competition for filmmakers worldwide, the festival aims to promote films, and be another step up in the filmmakers' careers.

Dhyan Vimal, who is also the Founder-Chairman of Friends to Mankind; an international non-profit organisation towards the betterment of humanity ventured into filmmaking as he realised that films opened doors for many to learn new skills. Hence, Temuan Takdir is supported by Friends to Mankind under its ‘Project Dignity’ initiative.

The film, which stars Zahim Albakri, Ery Zukhairi, Vanidah Imran, and others, tells the story of two dedicated police officer brothers, Roslan and Shariff who are on a mission to hunt down the mastermind behind vehicle robbery and discover a secret dangerous gang.

“’Project Dignity’ is providing that opportunity for them (talents) to pick up a skill, and more than anything; to have a skill to contribute to this world. This is not just a film with a powerful message, but an investment into people,” added Dhyan Vimal, the Director-Producer.

Produced by Zazen Design and Production Sdn Bhd, the film also garnered the ‘Best New Filmmaker’ award at the 2016 Chandler International Film Festival, USA, ‘Humanitarian Award’ at the TMC London Film Festival 2016, and ‘Award of Recognition’ at Accolade Global Film Competition, USA.

Official winning certificate. Photo by: Temuan Takdir FB.