Local Film by Three Directors, KL24: Zombies Premieres on YouTube

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 10/01/2017

Local indie film by three directors; James Lee, Gavin Yap and Shamaine Othman, KL24: Zombies premiered on YouTube on 8th January 2017.

KL24: Zombies revolves on a flu-like infection which turns into a zombie outbreak highlights three intersecting stories; ‘Overtime’ by James Lee which tells the story of three office workers who had to deal with a zombie boss, ‘Meet the Changs’ by Gavin Yap which is about a lawyer activist who meets the family of her boyfriend for a dinner as the outbreak begins outside of their apartment, and ‘Polyzombies’ by Shamaine Othman which showcases a man’s dilemma whether or not to kill his youngest of four wives who is turning into a zombie.

“Each director will pursue a different story with characters representing various local communities. It could have comedy, drama or even romance. With our society that is comprised of different customs, religious beliefs and backgrounds, the film could certainly make for a very insightful, funny and intriguing experience,” said James Lee.

James also added that the goal is to create a story which will change the way people think about the country as it showcases how everyone works together and supports each other in overcoming and dealing with a zombie outbreak in a truly Malaysian way.

The 76-mins film, which stars Sharifah Amani, Azman Hassan, Joseph Germani, Pete Teo, Benji Lim, and many others, is backed by Malaysian crowdsourcing platform, ‘Webe.’

A scene from KL24: Zombies.