MyDocs Camera and Sound Documentary Workshop to Feature Award-Winning German Filmmaker

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 12/01/2017

Marcus Vetter. Photo by: MyDocs FB.

Malaysian Documentary Association (MyDocs) in collaboration with Goethe Institute, is set to organise a camera and sound documentary workshop featuring award-winning German filmmaker, Marcus Vetter and director of photography, Georg Zengerling.

Supported by FINAS, the workshop will introduce different camera styles in documentary filmmaking using a state-of-the-art technical set-up to shoot high quality movies. It will also highlight the sound and its role in relation to the camera. Participants will also have the opportunity to do a test-shoot during the workshop which can be used to produce a mini-trailer.

Marcus Vetter, who bagged the Award of Merit at the ‘2016 Accolade Global Film Competition’ in United States for his documentary feature, The Promise has directed and produced more than 20 documentaries including two with Georg Zengerling; The Promise (2016) and The Forecaster (2014).

The workshop, which features acclaimed filmmaker is in line with MyDocs’ mission to help create a bigger, more knowledgeable and more professional network of skilled documentary filmmakers in Malaysia as well as give them greater opportunities to gain practical experience.

Set to be held on 14th and 15th January 2017 at Content Malaysia Pitching Centre, the free-admission workshop is open to both professionals and students.