Local Indie Publishers to Launch New Titles and Their Theater Adaptation

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 13/01/2017

Local indie publishers; Buku Fixi, Moka Mocha Ink, Thukul Cetak and Penerbitan Langit are set to launch new titles; Hitam, Pengembaraan Shell-Searching Seekor Umang-Umang Rock n' Roll dan Lain-Lain Cerita, Are You Talking About Trust?, and Gigitan Cinta Tongkahan as well as the theatre adaptation of the books on 14th January 2017.

Published by Buku Fixi, Hitam by Yusrizal Yusof is a mystery genre which tells three stories by three friends, Jin, E, and Tam. Pengembaraan Shell-Searching Seekor Umang-Umang Rock n' Roll dan Lain-Lain Cerita by Ridhwan Saidi, published by Moka Mocha Ink includes 29 short stories which are divided into five thematic sections using film titles. Whereas, Thukul Cetak’s Are You Talking About Trust? by Mislina Mustaffa highlights soul searching, and Gigitan Cinta Tongkahan by Nurrul Faiz/Pok Pok, published by Penerbitan Langit is a collection of often cynical and bizarre short stories.

As for the inspiration behind the theatre adaptation, Amir Muhammad of Buku Fixi revealed that there is one chapter in Hitam that seemed ideal for a live performance. Hence, he collaborates with theatre practitioners to bring the book to life after other publishers also had similar ideas for their latest books. Sue Emoqwin of Penerbitan Langit reiterated, “Theatre is one of many fantastic story telling platforms. By reading, we imagine. By watching it live, we are one step nearer to living it. After all, to a storyteller, satisfaction derives from being able to tell the story to an audience.”

Fasyali Fadzly, director of the theatre adaptation of Yusrizal Yusof's Hitam commented, “I am honored to be part of this collaboration as it challenges me as a director to understand how to adapt the book for the audience. Moreover, I see this collaboration as a great opportunity to bring these two mediums together.”

Looking ahead, the indie publishers hope alternative books will have more market share and grow further in terms of content as well as readers. They also believe that launching a book with a theatre adaptation is a sound marketing initiative as they get to converge different interest groups into one – subsequently forming new readers and book buyers.

The launch event will be held at Markas Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.