Media Prima Digital Launches Malaysia’s First FPS Mobile Game Based on a Movie, J-Revolusi

Published by Amzar Anizam @ 16/01/2017

Media Prima Digital together with PlaySide Studios, an Australian video game developer launched Malaysia’s first first-person shooter (FPS) mobile game based on its highly anticipated action movie, J-Revolusi.

Offering a full 3D experience with’ Special Operations Missions,’ the auto-shooting mobile game allows players to play as the movie’s main characters; Jay or Eddie with various selection of weapons including M4 Carbine, Glock 18, Remington 700 and others. The mobile game also brings players to three different worlds; Mining Factory, Warehouse and City Center where players can earn in-game cash to upgrade their weapons and accessories.

Set to screen on 2nd March 2017, J-Revolusi is directed by first-time director, Zulkarnain Azhar. It tells the story of Jay (Zul Ariffin), a Special Force Unit operative who is trying to save his sister, Dian (Nur Fazura) after she was kidnapped by Andra (Farid Kamil).

The characters in the game are also voiced by the actors who played them in the movie, including Zul Ariffin as Jay and Izara Aishah as Eddie.

J-Revolusi mobile game is now available on both Apple and Android platform.