Local Actress, Sarah Lian Wins Best Supporting Actress at LA Film Awards

Published by Amirin Arsyan @ 07/02/2017

Sarah Lian. Photo by: Roguestories

Malaysian actress, Sarah Lian won the Best Supporting Actress award at the recent Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA), an IMDb qualifying monthly film competition for filmmakers worldwide for her role as Anna in a Hong Kong independent psychological thriller, Jasmine.

Directed, written and produced by first-time director, Dex Phelan, Jasmine revolves around a businessman who becomes obsessed with a mysterious stranger as he continues searching for the person who is responsible for his wife’s death.

Described as an intriguing story with a twist by Los Angeles-based filmmaker, Skip Bolden, the 2015 film also bagged six other awards at LAFA; Film of the Month, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Actor, Best Director and Honorable Mention for Sound Design.

“Thank you to the LA Film Awards for such an honour, and a big congratulation to everyone who was nominated this year,” said the actress, who also starred in another Hong Kong film in 2015 titled, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.

Currently playing the role of Selena in Singapore’s MediaCorp Channel 5 mystery drama, The Hush, the actress will also star in her first multilingual role in Malaysia in the upcoming 6-part miniseries titled Project Merdeka, directed by Aziz Osman, Kabir Bhatia, Matt Lai, Shamyl Othman and Jess Teong.

A scene from Jasmine. Sarah Lian with Jason Tobin.